Welcome to Earth – Type 1 Civilization.

We are 1.

Everyone and everything can agree that we are at a place in time where there needs to be an agreement. Because of the information age, there is a free flow and abundance of limitless knowledge shared on the internet and conscience from every life form, culture, race, and specie. We can prevent Armageddon, the apocalypse, and world war III with a simple understanding. The earth is our home. To protect each other and mother earth, we can do this by understanding that each human is on earth is here to manage the ecosystem that spawns life, growth, and innovation while providing a safe haven for our advanced civilizations. Each economy and individual can do this by earning a healthy system no matter where you are in life.If each person on the planet learns to grow their own food, we could not only produce enough culturally diverse supply for the ever-growing demand, but individual purpose, value, achievement, protection, and confidence to enable us to deal with challenges that are distracting us from a natural cycle of growth.